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New Year – New Opportunities

As we begin this New Year, I would like to encourage and challenge all of our churches and ministries to be bold in their love, to be gracious in their witness, to be active in their involvement for God’s mission, to be faithful and fruitful followers of Jesus. Along with all other churches, denominations and networks, we need to fully play our part as the FCC family to see God’s kingdom come in all our towns, cities, and regions. My prayer is that 2016 will be a time of releasing and blessing for each of you as we stand together in our generation. God is inviting us to participate in becoming a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic movement, a sign of his Kingdom to come now. Will you join with me in seeking to engage in this vision, in prayer, in action, in friendship, in finance, in trust?
I look forward to our journey together during 2016.

Rev Dan Yarnell

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