FCC International Pentecost Prayer Event on Facebook

Dear colleagues,

We are delighted to invite you to participate in the 4th annual FCC international pentecost prayer event, which takes place over the Pentecost weekend (13-16 May 2016). You need to be a member of the FCC Facebook group, which is open over this weekend. Here are the instructions:


Welcome to the Fourth FCC International Prayer Event.

We will be hosting this event on the Fellowship FCC Facebook Group over Pentecost weekend.

The event will start at 2pm BST on Friday13/05/16 and will continue to 12pm on Monday 16/05/16.

The first live segment will be 2pm to 4pm on Friday. Other segments will be between 15 minutes and 30 minutes live. The prayer conversations will remain open until the end of the event on Monday.

There will be a number of live segments and prayer conversations that will remain open for the whole event. Feel free to join any of the sessions at any time and in any order. We aim to link up with other prayer events going on over Pentecost. If you have any links etc. Please share them!

You can add prayer requests to conversations as comments or replies. Please do not start new conversations or topics separately, only as replies or comments to existing conversations or topics.
If you wish to type out your prayer, or have a picture or word to share feel free to also reply to the topics or conversations.

If you pray a prayer, please click “Like” so we know you have prayed!

There will also be a number of reflections and readings during the time to help with our prayers and also several short services based on Celtic Liturgy you are also welcome to join in with.

Outline all times in British Summer Time

Friday 13/05/16
2pm Start
2pm – 4pm Live prayers
6pm Evening Prayers
9pm Compline

Saturday 14/05/16
9am Morning Prayers
12pm Midday Prayers
6pm Evening Prayers
9pm Compline

Sunday 15/05/16
9am Morning Prayers
Please try and incorporate the event into your church prayers if you can!
6pm Evening Prayers
9pm Compline

Monday 16/05/16
9am Morning Prayers
12pm Midday Prayers and end

Hope you can join in praying.


FCC Leadership


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