The Fellowship of Churches of Christ in Great Britain and Ireland

Charity number: SCO10258


FCC National Office:

Rowheath Pavilion

Heath Road


Birmingham  B30 1HH

Charity number:  SCO10258


Rev Dan Yarnell

National Coordinator                                     

mobile: 07429324829

skype: dan_yarnell

email:          email:


FCC are members of the Free Churches Group (itself a member organisation of Churches Together in England), the Evangelical Alliance, and Global Connections.

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2 responses to “Contact

  1. Hello
    I have already been in contact with Andy Vail over a historical project concerning the tracking down of a congregation that once existed in Gateshead. I should have mentioned that I am a member of the current Newcastle congregation, which you would classify as a Old Path’ (a cappella) congregation (Web address given in this email form). I was interested to know if there are any of your current congregations worshipping in the Tyne and Wear region


    • Hello Graeme. Good to hear from you. Sorry we overlooked your query. At present we do not have any congregations that worship in the Tyne and Wear region, but we are always looking for opportunities for church planting and partnerships. Thanks for your interest. Blessings.


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